This movie looks good

August 4, 2009

I’m not sure if it will be “The Hangover” funny, but if it’s close I’ll be satisfied.

In the past comedy movies seemed to be” Will Farrell as a…” Movies. (Will Farrell as a nascar driver, ancorman, owner/player of an ABA team, figure skater). Once somebody realized those movies started to suck, viewers were treated to good movies again. I am worried that were going to see a similiar line of movies with Jeremy Piven. Except Piven isn’t playing an original character. It will be Jeremy Piven pretending to be “Ari Gold as a …” movies. If thats true at least were starting at the top. I think that, like “the hangover” people we be wondering how quickly after seeing the movie are they allowed to twitter quotes from it.

Here’s some trailers:

Theatre Trailer:

NSFW trailer

The NSFW Don Ready Story:


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