Happy Hour Links 8/4

August 4, 2009

$2 beer Tuesday

Everybody has to believe in something…..I believe I’ll have another drink.
-W.C. Fields

The no mas tequila diet

We all wish this was true

Text from last night (of the day) :: Honorable mention

Madden 2010 for free?!?

FML of the day

Nascar Hotties

She’s an idiot and she is being boycotted, but she’s still today’s hottie. (Don’t click the link til the Hottie Embargo ends!)

We found you’re Halloween costume for this year ladies!

Forbes really likes Milwaukee, but I’m not sure if they’ve ever been here

Darrell Issa should be your new favorite badass

Contessa Brewer used to do the news in Milwaukee, was she a dumbass back then?

This is not about your peepers

These girls would have been the Hotties of the Day in 2002 now one looks like the Witch from Narnia

This would have been awesome in 2002 as well

 Another angry viral town hall meeting

I’m not normally a fan of this guy but compare the above with this…

More important than Obama’s birthday

Many other professional sports farts

A lot of other thugs in the past have come to Green Bay to settle down

Blog of the day: New Blogger from the Peoples republic of Madison… a journalism student…. but wait!

Today’s REQUESTED video:

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