Happy Hour Specials 7/31

July 31, 2009

Dollar Shots

The only facebook application you’ll ever need.
FML of the day We agree your life is…
Text From Last Night (of the day) Honorable Mention
He should have arrested Obama too.
McRib diagram
Our bodies are weird.
We’ve all been here .
The Brewers are a joke, and fans still have to put up with this douchebag.
Obama and Gates aren’t livin the high life
Cash For Clunkers runs out of gas
–Many more car-related puns to come.
Rudy Giuliani to Obama: Know your role
If Ted Kennedy can kill a woman, her political career can survive. But is her adult film career tarnished?
Speaking of porn…
Hottie of the day! Oh, to be a nerd at ComicCon.

Twitter Follow Friday

@Blatzliquor, @duffy4congress, @thebusbandit, @hornygoatbrewco

Blog Pick Of The Day


Beer Of The Day

Horny Goat Brewing Co’s Belgium Wheat

I’m not a beer critic, so I really can’t describe it other than it’s a good combination of drinkability and tastiness. I wouldn’t play beer pong with it, but I could drink a few without getting sick of it or too full to drink more. And it’s better than that goat piss Obama likes to drink.

Now go have a beer!


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